Andari has been deeply rooted in knitting production in the United States for many years, providing customers with professional and comprehensive product development to quantitative consulting services. By integrating advanced science and engineering technologies, they offer more customized design services, helping clients realize their ideas one by one from concept to production.

The brand identity is based on the concept of "knitting unlimited imagination from the start of the needle." The first letter A of the brand name symbolizes the starting point of the needle, and the outward turning strokes have infinite possibilities. The continuously connecting lines keep turning, symbolizing Andari's imagination and creativity in knitting product development. The website design reorganizes the core brand values and service capabilities, highlighting the brand's professional services through videos and key visuals, allowing clients to better understand the brand's characteristics, showcasing its outstanding productivity, integration capabilities, and creativity.

Andari 在美國深耕於針織品生產多年,為客戶提供專業完善的產品開發到量化諮詢,並整合先進的科技工程提供更多客製化的設計服務,幫助客戶將腦袋裡的點子一一實現生產。


Creative Director
Chih Ling Wang
Yen-Jen Chen


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Visual Identity

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