A Scene to Seek Within

一席 尋心中風景

At the 2024 Wanjin Azaleas Happiness of Blooming Exhibition, Cizoo partnered with local flower farmers You Jin-Han and Hong Gang Forging Art Design Chou Shih-Min to co-create the artwork “A Sense to Seek Within .”This artwork expresses the essence of the rhododendron season, where each blooming flower brings forth its unique vitality. Seated amidst the flower field, holding a cup of tea, letting the heart follow the blossoms, the view isn't merely a colorful panorama but also a refuge for the soul, tranquil and serene. Just as flowers require careful nurturing, so does the soul. This isn't merely philosophical musings but also a testament to life's attitude. We should transcend environmental constraints, daring to forge our own ideal lifestyle, allowing the wings of dreams to freely soar in the expansive sky.

本次參加2024萬金杜鵑 花開落籽花展,囍樹團隊與在地花農游金和、虹鋼鍛藝周視民一同創作了作品「一席 尋心中風景」, 表達在杜鵑盛開的季節,每一朵綻放的花朵都帶來獨特的生命力。坐在花田之中,手握一杯茶,心隨花開,放眼望去,不僅是色彩斑斕的景致,更有一處心靈的避風港,靜謐而平和。花兒的生長,如同心靈的滋養,需要細心呵護。這不僅對生活的一種哲學思考,也是一種生活態度的體現。我們應該突破環境的束縛,勇於創造屬於自己的理想生活方式,讓夢想的翅膀在廣闊的天空中自由飛翔。

Creative Director
Chia-Hsiao Shih
Shih-Min Chou
Azaleas Flower Farmer
Jin-Han You
Project Manager
Dodo Liu
Eddie Tsai


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