Cizoo Moon Card

2014 柚子中秋賀卡

In Chinese culture, mid-autumn festival is the day when people enjoy tasty pomelo under the bright full moon. The card itself is a just pomelo full of surprises! When you receive this lovely card, you will first be surprised by its elegant smell of pomelo. After reading the message in the back, peeling off the skin, you’ll discover the second message hidden inside! Once the yellow envelop is unfolded, you’ll see a beautiful full moon lying in front of you. Hang it high in your room, so that you can always feel the warmth beaming from it.

享受香甜的柚子,配上一輪明月,是中國人歡慶中秋節的景象之一。賀卡本身即是一顆充滿驚喜的柚子,收到後會先聞到若隱若現的柚子香,待讀完背面的賀詞,再撕開柚子皮,還會發現隱藏的第二層祝賀! 展開後的黃色信封,原來是一顆溫暖月亮,高掛家中,時時都能觀賞這份溫馨的祝賀情意。

Creative Director
Chia-Hsiao Shih
Yu-Tzu Huang

Moon Card