Guang Yi


GUANG YI is a brand makeover project. Solid brand image and identity system are blended into a space where visual design elements are applied to build the new GUANG YI #4. In this newly created space, visitors are welcomed to share their cultural travel experiences with minds alike.We chose to visualize it with angled bright yellow color blocks and letters composed of disconnected lines, symbolizing lines created by light and shadow. Visual elements symbolizing light can be seen in the interior design. A positive energy full of light and hope is successfully linked to the brand’s image.

「 光一 GUANG YI 」以品牌改造為起點,打造完整的品牌意象與識別系統,利用空間與視覺的設計建構出新一代的光一肆號店,並創造出一個同時能夠提供文化旅遊的分享體驗空間。設計上同時運用鮮明的亮黃色結合斜角度的色塊,結合分段虛實的線條,表現出影子與光的線條分割意象,空間的視覺元素如光線般,營造一切都被光和希望包圍的正面品牌能量。

Creative Director
Chih Ling Wang
Yu Tzu Huang
Yo Hsin Lin


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Visual Identity

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Type Design

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Store Identity

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